New challenges, new identity

In CONIC VASCULAR we have launched a new corporate image in order to reinforce our principles and brand values, as well as our position as an innovative company and firmly committed to the quality of life of people. We renew our graphic image, but not our philosophy, whose main objective is to develop medical devices minimally-invasive for interventional cardiology and radiology.

Following the  previous strategic process, we have carried out a project of full renovation  on the basis of a chromatic change branding and redesign of the logo, which becomes from the original red and  blue to a much warmer color that evokes the vitality that is at the heart of everything we do and transmits the well-being of our customers. This evolution of the brand also has moved to all catalogs, the web page as well as the packagings of product, which presents now  a more modern, technical and functional imaging.

With this exercise  is also intended to bring the differential values of VASCULAR CONIC to international markets where there has been strong growth in recent years.

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